Fives’ Top 5 Moments Of the Decade

Fives’ Top 5 Moments Of the Decade

In this blog we’ll take you through our highlights from the last decade of football! This is just a taster of why the beautiful game is the greatest drama on earth! 

1 - The Leicester Fairy-tale:                             

Football in England maintains its international respect. Coach Claudio Ranieri was given the not-so-simple task of managing Leicester City FC during the 2015 season with the challenging goal of avoiding relegation. ‘Challenging’ as they had only marginally avoided the drop the previous season by going on an against-all-odds winning streak towards the end of the season. Going back to basics, rising from the bottom rank, Leicester surpassed all expectations, blind-siding every team in the league and their supporters, proving those big-name signings and high wages aren’t the keys to success. Indulging world football news, they epitomized the #ChampionTheDream ideology and defied the bookies, who had them at 5000/1, by winning the 2015/16 Premier League against Englands richest club!

2 - The Unstoppable Kings of Europe

Real Madrid’s trophy king, Zinedine Zidane, and his BBC trident (Bale, Benzema and Christiano) secured three consecutive Champions Leagues. This game domination is even more impressive when one considers that they actually won it 4 times in 5 years! Today, Real Madrid has won the most champion leagues in the history of football.

3 - Is Ronaldo or Messi Better?

These two untouchable football players pushed the boundaries of the game as we knew it. Messi and Cristiano continuously broke more and more records and coaxed each other to greater heights putting them on a completely different platform to any other mere mortal player, raising them to the throne of the world best player. During the decade, only once was the Ballon D’or not won by one of these two (2018: player, Luka Modric). Will the infamous question ‘Messi or Ronaldo?’ ever be concluded? Who do you think is better?

4 - Exponential Growth of Women's Football

The twenty-teens saw the radical rise in women’s football with the 2019 World Cup, adding to USA´s wins, signalling the tipping point. Sponsors jumped on board, TV viewership and stadium tickets increased exponentially, and the quality of football matched this. There’s no doubt that women's soccer will continue to grow into the 2020s.

A Bonus point that will in all likeliness spill into the next decade:


5 - The Tech-advancement of Football, Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

This just sneaks into our list, being introduced towards the end of the decade, it’s, without doubt, the most controversial change made to the game since we can remember and will be debated for decades to come.