Football Starts Here

Football Starts Here

Fives Soccer School is a professional coaching ‘incubator’ that develops key skills, fast-tracks football development and prepares youth players (U7 - U17) for club football across all level. What makes this coaching platform unique is it’s orientation around the small-sided-game (5v5).

5v5 is the best football development platform

More Involved

Fewer players, in a smaller spaces, result in players getting in contact with the ball up to 5x more often. Studies have shown the small-sided game enhances players’ development..


Less time and space on the ball forces players to improve their touch, control, decision making, spatial awareness and agility.

Comprehensive Skill Development

Players have to play every position, honing every part of their game, from defense through to attack.

More Opportunities and Experience

The pace and intensity of the small-sided game puts players in goal-scoring/ defenfing situations more often, allowing them to experiment and hone their finishing/ tackling/ saving technique(s).

Why Fives Soccer School?


Fives Soccer School’s coaches are highly qualified and experienced. Each training session is individually tailored for youth participation and aimed at maximising their development. Our coaches don't only focus on fundamental physical and ball skills but also on mental strength and thought processes.


Soccer Schools are hosted at 5 different world-class facilities around the Western Cape, all managed by Fives Futbol. Each facility is purpose-built for the small-sided game. Fives' coaches are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to cultivate footballing talent.

Safe Environment

Every training session is carried out in a safe and friendly environment, where players can learn and express themselves to their fullest.

Exclusive Fives Training Kit

Fives supply all players with a high-quality training kit. It is mandatory that each player wears the Fives Soccer School training kit. This ensures players adapt a professional approach and feel part of a team.

For venue specific information, dates, and term curriculum contact Chris. Alternatively, sign up here to be informed of new term dates and events as soon as they are released.

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