Champion the dream

Champion the dream

Fives Futbol is more than just a five-a-side facility; we offer a player experience unrivaled globally. Fives Futbol is a platform for players to play-out their dream and enjoy the beautiful game in all its glory. This is your chance to champion your player within. Register your player profile, create/ join a team and sign up to a league today! Your football career has only just begun!

What is Fives?

Fives is played on state-of-the-art, all weather, floodlit, synthetic grass facilities. It is played all year round, rain or shine, day and night. More action! More goals. More football. Fives Futbol brings this exciting, fast paced, end-to-end game to South Africa. Small pitches, urban locations, short game times and manageable team sizes make the small-sided game more accessible than conventional, 11-a-side, football.

Fives Futbol is open 7 days a week and offers a variety of products at each venue. Fives run adult leagues, coach junior programs, manage social slots, host tournaments, throw birthday parties and facilitate other events/ functions on their facilities.

Accessible, High-Quality Facilities

Fives provide a professional, yet accessible, experience. Top quality, floodlit facilities, short games and well-organised leagues mean the Fives experience can be had by anyone at anytime. Find your nearest venue now.


Football Development

More touches, more opportunities and more decision-making make the small-sided game the perfect incubator for football development. The likes of Brazil and Spain accredit much of their international football success to the small-sided-game. Fives run coaching programs and holiday clinics for budding footballers from the ages of 2 – 14. Check out our Junior Programs for more info and to register.

Healthy Living

The high intensity nature of Fives ensures a quality cardiovascular and muscular workout. Fives builds long-term fitness, burns fat, lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. Fives is more effective than 11-a-side as it ensures all players get an active and consistent workout within a concise period of time. Whatever your goal. Book a court.

Social Development

Football is an international language that transcends barriers. Fives is easily accessible to all irrespective of age, gender, race and socio-economic background. Fives is an effective vehicle to educate, motivate and inspire. Fives has partnered with various projects to empower South Africans and help tackle issues such as education, female empowerment, drug abuse, AIDS and more. Check out some of the great initiatives we have partnered with.

Corporate Team Building

Fives acts as an efficient platform for networking, knowledge sharing and social team building. Many corporates enter teams into leagues, book-out social slots and/or host corporate events at Fives. Check out our corporate event packages or contact your preferred venue for more details.