5 Benefits of Fives You Didn't Know

5 Benefits of Fives You Didn't Know

Five a side football is the fastest growing form of the game in the world and its easy to see why; it’s more accessible, games are shorter and it caters for all skill levels. Not to mention, it can be played day or night and in all weather conditions - no more muddy pitches or down-hill advantages! 
From teamwork and discipline to fitness and stress reduction, Fives has the capacity to enhance the quality of one’s being, provide a social platform and instil a healthy competitiveness amongst players.
Listed below are some of the main benefits of playing Fives. If you haven’t already, find your nearest venue and have a kick around!

1. Fives improves fitness

Fives is an excellent form of exercise; and the best part? It doesn’t even feel like exercise. It encourages players, especially those who like to chase balls, to improve their level of fitness. Playing Fives also reduces body fat, increases muscle toning and encompasses a full body workout. All-in-all its a golden ticket to a healthier lifestyle. 

2. Fives Improves Self Esteem

Studies have shown that any intense physical exercise will have a positive effect on one’s mental health. The release of certain endorphins in the brain improve one’s mood and confidence as well as reduce depression and anxiety. Plus, it also feels great top wear the latest adidas boots and have your name on the back of your shirt! 

3. Fives is Healthy for the Brain

All physical activity that raises one’s heart rate improves the flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body. Fives players reap the benefits of this through the non-stop, end-to-end nature of the game. The results are an improvement in cognitive functioning and resilience. As they say, healthy body, healthy mind! Book a pitch for you and your mates at any of our venues. 

4. Reduces Stress and Improves Sleep

40 minutes of intense five a side football offers a great escape from general stresses, improves sleep and can help cultivate a more positive attitude towards the inevitable challenges of life. Players are also able to disconnect from the world around them during games as they focus on fulfilling their duties on the pitch. Trust us, you’ll sleep like a baby after your Tuesday night league game! Browse our leagues to find one for you and your teammates

5. Fives is About Teamwork & Camaraderie! 

Five a side football is a sport that is played as a team. Although there are only five players on the pitch at any time, rolling substitutions means that all players need to be worth their place on the pitch if they are to be competitive in their respective leagues. Reduced space on the pitch and shorter periods of play make trusting your teammates essential and players must work effectively as a team to win matches. Of course, there’s the after game beer to look forward to also… and the conversation at every braai, dinner and drinks around how "we should have won that last game"!